Two big class B problems

My wife and I have camped for 40 years, 2 years full time. We miss being on the road and have decided that a class B would be best for us considering our age. We have two concerns. Cooking and storage for clothes and groceries. Do campers with Class B "do restaurants" instead of cooking? We are use to larger units...where we could do laundry once a week??? Appreciate any info...we sure do miss camping!!!

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Two big class B problems

If you stay in nice RV parks, then you usually have a full-blown laundry there. I don't know about Class B cooking arrangements, but I think my Class C is as small as Sallyberetta and I can stand. And the resale value will probably be better than a Class B, too.
Two big class B problems

Correction: A class B Motorhome has way better resale value than a class C anyday. You cant park a class C Motorhome in a normal parking spot, the class B motorhome can be. You can use your class B as a second car mine is just a full size Van 19ft.
Two big class B problems

Well, I sure thought that a Class C had a better depreciation curve than a Class B. I sure thought that there was a bigger used market for Class C's than Class B's. Perhaps I'm just an old sodbuster?
Re: Two big class B problems

When searching for an RV I shopped at a huge consignment lot here in Houston, TX (PPL Motorhomes). I noticed that the Class B units seem to hold value better, however they stay on the lot a very long time. The Class A and C units seem to sell in 1-3 months if they are in good condition and are priced right, while the Class B vans can sit on the lot a year.
Re: Two big class B problems

Thank you for that info. I noticed the same thing way back when we were looking for our Class C. That's why I say there is a bigger resale market for Class C's over Class B's. In other words, more people are looking for more room than a Class B can offer. The market value of certain Class B's will hold due to the smaller market; a market that is ONLY interested in a Class B. Supply and demand works.
Re: Two big class B problems

I like the 17 MPG I get in my Class B. With the gas prices the way they are Class B is the way to go for two people.


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Re: Two big class B problems

2 small people, who are very friendly and don't suffer claustriphobia and don't have much stuff, perhaps :)

It has long been my opinion that class B's are great for getting from here to there (over several days), but not so great for staying in once you get there...
RE: Two big class B problems

Wife and I travel together with a class B and don't have any more squabbles than at home. Granted she is easy to get along with compared to me. We have a minimal configuration in a Chevy Express van. It can be used as sleeping quarters/living room. We have computer w/wifi usage and satellite for television. We don't cook (microwave some) in the van (use propane outside), but will do some cooking outside under an awning.
If we feel we want a break from the van, we will check into military lodging for a few days. That doesn't happen often. We are not fulltiming, but do take extensive trips. We were going to get a trailer to pull, but with the cost of gas we decided to stay with the van.

We are interested in what other couples do on the road, so that we can perhaps learn some other interesting things to see and do out on the road.