UK couple want to do a 6 month RV roadtrip


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Hi, we're a UK couple looking for some advice about hiring/buying an RV for a six month (possibly up to 12 month) road trip around the USA. I have no idea if I'm posting this thread in the best section of the forum, so I hope you'll forgive me if it isn't. Some of the initial questions on our minds are:

1. Can foreigners legally buy an RV in the USA?
2. Would it be best to buy or long-term rent?
3. Are there any companies which specialise in long-term RV rental?
4. If we are able to buy, where would be a good place to start looking?
5. Do you have any thoughts on what size of vehicle would be sensible? We don't need (or want) a particularly large vehicle, but we would like to be comfortable.

Any advice would be very welcome and appreciated.

Thank you