Us Americans have it made

I have full-timed in a 40' gulfstream for 10 years now and have wandered through every state except Hawaii. I have stayed in some real dumps along the way.
Last summer I shipped my Harley to Europe ( they still liked us then ) I spent 2 months traveling and tenting in campgrounds which there are zillions of over there.
Watching the RV scene was somewhat mind boggling. The fancy motor homes are the size of class C's over here. For some reason they have single tires in back. The campgrounds (even the high dollar ones in Rome, Paris and London) have no water or sewer hook ups and a 10 amp electric hook up. I think I saw a grand total of 3 laundramats the whole time. In the morning the lady would take the dishes to the row of sinks around the shower house and do them while the guy dumped the holding tank into a tank on wheels and trundled it off to a dump.Also the motor homes must have a very small tank or the people have a bad stomach problem because they dump every morning. They have a water tank that looks like a lawn roller that they would fill at the shower house and roll to their MH and stick a hose in and use out of it. On laundry day the lady takes the clothes to the sinks that have a scrub board built in and only cold water. They have to rig a clothes line to dry. Also gas was $4.50 a gallon.
The trip taught me that we have it made even in a sub-standard RV park.
One thing the RV'ers had in common with us is they looked like they were enjoying life
Us Americans have it made

I totally agree. I wouldn't dream of RV'ing in Europe - and I live here (in the UK) !!! There is no comparison between campgrounds in the US and campsites in the UK and Europe. When I go camping, I have to fly 3,000 miles (to the US) before I start. Television is better here though :)