Utah camping

I don't think you'll have any issues on UT 12. I don't know where you're starting from but if you're east on I-70 out of CO and are going to Moab, take UT 128. Jaw dropping gorgeous drive along the Colorado River and Big Bend Rec Area is on it if you're interested in staying there. We would have stayed longer there but DH has a cpap and had neglected to get an inverter so he didn't sleep well w/o electricity. He WILL have one this year! ;) Don't foget that you get quite a discount on entrance fees & camping in NPs if you're over 62 and have the America The Beautiful pass.

Are you sure about the gas prices?

2000 miles @ 8mpg & 3.50/gal would cost about $875

2000 miles @8mpg & 4.00/gal would cost about $1000

So it's only $125 more.

I don't mean to imply that the extra 125 isn't something to consider BUT if you actually look at the numbers it doesn't add all that much more to a budget. Of course deisel's price is quite a bit more but the difference a 50 cents/gal increase in fuel still isn't huge.

At least that's how we rationalize! :D

All this talk about Utah has me wanting to go.....


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Thanks Karen, I realized that it not much more than what we have planned for, but I am beginning to hear rumors that gas will hit $5.oo a gallon this year and that will burn a hole in my saving. And since our MH has a 100gal tank that wouild real close to 500 per fill up. But lets all hope that does not happen. All of us Rvers will suffer a great deal if that happen.


well i have been a few other rv forums ,, and it seems that most rvers are gonna go and stay where they want ,, no matter the price of gas or diesel ,, most are full timers ,, and i guess to them they are gonna keep on living the life they set out to live ,, no matter what ,,, and i am all for that ,, one day i hope to do the same ,, and have their attitude on everything ,, and i must say good on them :applause:


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Hey Rod I agree with you on full timing people, but since that is their home and no stick and brick home to make payment on or up keep they can afford it. If I was single I would be a FTer. I can't now as Maria will not stay on the road that long due to her health and of course the grands kids. But she has informed me we are going to Utah and we can afford gas and to stop harping about it. So no more talk about how high the gas may get. I think we should be out in that area the first week of June. We was going to head out the last 2 weeks of May, but I have a VA appointment on the 2nd and the 24th.of May. But thanks for all the input.
WTG, Maria! Utah is well worth the extra cost even if gas does go up but if you've not made reservations for campgrounds in the NPs, you need to get on it. They fill up quickly and the number of sites for big rigs are somewhat limited.