volt meter for my bank of batterys


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i am going to instatt 2 trogen t 105 at my site.
i would like to monitor the volts of the battery bank.
i was thinking of using a aftermarket 12 volt gauge from the auto parts outlet but i would like to ask here first.
what do you guys use and were did you mount it.
i am new to this 12 volt thing...

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volt meter for my bank of batterys

I have a built in voltmeter/tester that will tell me how my main and aux batteries are. Just a touch of the finger on the button/switch on the dash. Another nice feature from Winnebago... :laugh:


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volt meter for my bank of batterys

Ant, I too wanted to be able to determine battery condition in my MH so I just purchased an automotive voltmeter and installed it and a toggle switch, just to check the voltage. I hooked up the toggle just so it wouldn't be on all the time. I installed mine in the paneling by my kitchen as you enter the door. It was easy to get to from under the counter and ran the wires down through the floor and out to the coach battery. I also installed an inline fuse close to the battery in case anything were to rub through a wire or short out some place. This will only give you voltage available and not really monitor battery condition, but that is all I wanted. Enough to know when battery could use a charge.