Wal-Mart anti-Christmas?

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I guess you should ask all the Mom and Pop stores that closed down because a Wal-mart moved in about how great they are for the US economy. And I don't really think employees will open their mouth about Wal-mart or they will be fired. And Rupper, you are wrong about the Unions defending bad workers. The Company hired them and there is a US Supreme Court Ruling called the Duty of Fair Representation that says if a Union doesn't represent a worker, union dues paying or not, then he can sue the union. Anyone ever think about the idea that maybe, just maybe, the corporations have given up their rights to run their companies? So they can blame it on the workers? And you worked in that mine, Rupper, were you one of the people who only worked an hour out of 8? And who let those people get in that habit? How did it get in that condition? I worked in a GM factory for over 20 years and I don't remember anyone sitting around doing nothing unless it was the tradespeople. And if they were sitting down it was because the machines were making parts. I am afraid you are like a lot of other people in this country who bought in to the Lazy American hype put out by the Right to Work organization. Which is actually a Right to Pay Less bunch. So I guess the right thing to do would be to give up our pensions, send our Social Security checks back to Washington, and get the politicians to do away with taxes all together. Then we could all live in Old Folks houses like they did back before Social Security and just sit around waiting to die.

And the economys of those other countries aren't as bad as the economy of this country. You ever study the educational systems they have in Japan or Germany? Maybe you haven't noticed the news about the number of foreclosures going up and the number of bankruptcies that are occurring. And since I was directly involved in what happened at GM and Delphi let me assure you it wasn't the pay of the workers that caused the decline it was the loss of market share. GM use to sell 25% of the cars Made in the USA. Now that number is less than 10%. But just keep ignoring it, that way you will be completely surprised when the US economy goes straight down the toilet. It won't affect me cause I am an old man and don't have a whole lot of good years left. But I love my young grandkids and hoped that they would have a better life than I do. That is just not in their future if things keep going the way they are.

I still don't shop at Wal-mart. I would rather pay a dollar more at the little hardware store in my town than contribute to the greedy billionaires bank account. And it is a fact that the workers there qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, and Food stamps. Your tax dollars at work. And just a little tid bit of info. When Clinton was in he and the Republican Congress came up with a plan called Welfare to Work. If a person was on Welfare they had to do something to get off. They could go to school, work at a low paying job to get experience, and prove they didn't want to continue on welfare. Well, guess what, the current administration scrapped that idea. Now it is back to the way it was before. And there are more white people on welfare than any other ethnic group.

Pick it apart, it is my last post in this diatribe.

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Hey Ronnie, you are getting a little personal, but yes I worked however long the union told me to. Remember I was told the day I hired on that the United Mine Workers were in charge. They controlled how much ore we ran through the crushers on a given shift. I was 21 years old with a wife and son to support. I wasn't about to buck the union in a mine mill envrionment. Things happened to people that bucked the union. I worked in operations re-rating on the higher paid jobs because the alcoholics that actually held the jobs wouldn't show up for weeks on end and the company couldn't fire them, so I got paid at a higher rate to do their job. Lucky me.

For your information the good old USA is the economic engine that is powering the world economy at the present. I defy you to name a major country with a lower jobless rate than our 4.8%. Oh and don't go into the union song and dance about how all the jobs are low paying jobs. I don't know anybody who is getting paid minium wage. Even McDonalds pays higher than minium.

Our automobile companies will never be on an equal playing field as long as the union unskilled laborers keep getting paid at rates equal to college graduates and technical skilled employees. Notice I'm talking unskilled labor not skilled labor. People should be paid for what they know and what they can do.

I like to think positively of the USA. Not negatively like all of the doomsdayers that don't have a positve thing to say. You know the type. Anyway Wal-Mart people are happy people. I don't see them lining up to vote for the unions in any of the stores. Speaking of the mom and pop stores that are closed when Wal-Mart moves to town, how about all the new restrarants, Home Depots, Lowes, Kohls and service stations not to mention strip malls that move in next door to Wal-Mart. I see thriving economies spring up when Wal-Mart comes to town. More of that think positive attitude I guess. Touche.

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I just never stopped to realize how good everyone will have it when we all make $7.50 an hour and can only work 35 hours a week. And for your information, auto workers in Japan make more than American auto workers and they are all unionized. Same thing in Germany. Like I said, I guess we will just have to do something about those over paid US Auto Workers. After all it is only fair that the Japanese transplants pay the same pay rate as the unionized domestic plants. So when we can cut the union pay we should be able to cut the non-union pay to and everyone can benefit from the lower wages. Just think, they will be able to pay lower taxes too. Wonder what that engine is going to run on.
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You know Rupper, I didn't mean to get so personal. I just happen to be the type of person who believes that every person has a value. Everyone contributes to the plan. Instead of those unskilled people taking a pay cut, why don't we raise the pay of those other unskilled people so they can afford to own nice things like we do. Is that being pessimistic? I just seems to me that we have been going backwards in the country instead of forward. Look at the schools, the roads, the number of people in prisons, the destruction of the family. How can you have a stable family when the dad has to work two jobs and the mom has to work outside the home too? I live in an area of the country where there are any number of people living in old single wide mobile homes on property that belonged to their grandfathers. Is that hope? And the largest Wal-mart in the USA is a 25 minute drive from my house.

So I didn't mean anything personal. I have been on the front lines. Watched grown men cry when they lost everything they had over some stupid management decision. Just like in your mine. If I remember my history there was also a problem with the trailings from that mine poluting the rivers, streams, and wells in that area of the country. Plus the demand for copper dropped when they started making electric wire out of aluminum. Yes it was wrong for the union to be running the company. But the company must have found that they could still make money while letting the union have that power. In the auto plants up until 1981 the union only represented about 5% of the people. We changed that. In the first year after we implimented an Absentee Program 145 people were fired. But when they were fired the "i"s were dotted and the "t"s were crossed on the documentation for their discharge. It didn't solve the problem though because General Motors management kept going down the wrong road. They never saved a dime for a rainy day.

I know this thread has bothered some folks. Sorry about that. But I am one of those workers who believes that everyone should be able to afford to own a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome to go camping with their families. I don't think it should be limited to a few luck people who were born with hope. Hope in this great nation belongs to everyone and people who make $7.50 in this economy don't get to share in that hope. Jesus said the poor will always be with us. He never said to create more poor people.

Anyone know what the best wax is for the end panels on a motorhome? I used some new synthetic stuff but I still get streaks.

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RE: Wal-Mart anti-Christmas?

Peace brother, I use Protect All Fiberglass Oxidation Remover and Color Restorer or Gel Gloss Heavy Duty RV Cleaner & Wax on my 5'er. If your motorhome has a metal finish I would use a good car wax like Myers. Not sure if anything will keep the blackstreaks off. I extended the rain spouts on my RV with clear tubing cut down the middle and silicon glued to the RV rain spout.
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I did the same thing with 1/2 inch pvc. I took an elbow and cut the back out of it so it slipped over the gutter and then put a small nipple about 2" long extended out. Worked great but I lost one when I was messing with the slide toppers.

One last point on something you said during our post. About the 4.8% unemployment. When the current admin took over in the first two years after he was appointed, there were over 6,000,000 jobs lost in the USA. Unemployment went to 15%. Then along came 9/11 and things changed. Since then the employment rolls of the government have quadrupled. So much for small government. And when Reagan was President he changed the way unemployment was counted. He included the military in the employment rolls. If the military was taken out of the equation the unemployment rate would have been about 25% which is what it was at the peak of the Great Depression. Now, figure in the National Guard men and women who have been called up to fight in Afgan and Iraq. They had to be replaced on thier jobs. In some cases by two people because of the training the Guards people had that the new employees didn't .
If the Guard was released from duty and returned to the US to take back their jobs that unemployment rate would rise.

I will use your suggestion about the wax. It is fiberglass. I think everyone else has given up on our post. It has been fun. :laugh: