Wanderer 365 WTB FW by Thor

Hello. Lookin to buy our first "new" RV. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Wanderer 365 WTB FW (toy hauler, separated garage)? I like the layout and the $. However, I know that you get what you pay for, as well. I don't need top of the line interiors (just working materials) - love hunting, fishing, camping and going off road. Frills are nice, but not required (though I hate the normal set up of traditional toy haulers - just nasty, ugh!). This seems a happy medium for us - but I've run into some complaints that don't seem very specific online.

Also, where can I research to know that I'm actually paying a fair $? I'm finding my online search for this information to be exhausting and uninformative. Is there also a good 'reviews' sitee where I can do more research?

Thanks a ton for any info you may have! Smiles - Weo
Wanderer 365 WTB FW by Thor

I too am looking for similar information. I'm looking at picking up a 26-28' toy hauler and just started doing my research. My main requirement is that it has a front bedroom and as much garage space as possible. I'll be using it as a mobile office with camping thrown in as well. I see many brands and types of toy haulers out there but I don't know which ones are the "Mercedes/Cadillacs" and which ones are the "Hyundais". I'm not looking for a full on luxury model with all the bells and whistles, just decent quality for the price. I guess if I follow my own analogy I'm looking for the Toyota of toy haulers.

Don't mean to hi-jack your thread, Weo, just hoping to find similar info as you.