washer/dryer combos, are they any good ?

Please tell me if getting excited about a washer/dryer combo is worth it or not. a salesman for a used fifth wheel without one said they are no good. is he right? :question:

Gary B

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washer/dryer combos, are they any good ?

Hi Sylvia, the washer dryer combos work great, the vented type is the best, they cann't do a large load at a time and they are slow compared to lager units, but they use very little water and even less soap / softener etc. It takes a long time to dry and its best to use a smaller load them you wash but it gets the job done. We don't have one oin our RV but do have one in our home that we have used for about 2 yrs. and my better half loves it. If we were full timing it would be a must have in our RV, for the most part spending time in the laundrimat is not that much fun. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
washer/dryer combos, are they any good ?

Guess the salesman don't do laundry.

We have the LG unvented model. It uses a condensing system to send water vapor down the drain and not into the air. Works great but loads are smaller, 14lbs in our case. :blush:
washer/dryer combos, are they any good ?

Hi Sylvia,

I was a full time RVer for 14 years, and now, I sell MH at one of the largest dealerships in the country and have had mixed reactions to the washer/dryer combo. However, one customer made the most sense and now I tell all my customers this. The w/d combo will only do small loads and will switch to the dryer automatically. When you let it do that automatically, it will take a long time to dry. When clothes go through the spin cycle they are forced into the little holes. Just take them out, shake them, then put them back in, and they will dry a lot quicker. When we return to the road, we will definitely have a washer/dryer. I agree that washing in a laundry mat is no fun!! :dead: Hope that helps.
washer/dryer combos, are they any good ?

You are correct! Not only do they dry faster but you method reduces those terrible baked in wrinkles.