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What would you like to know??? First thing is to be sure the tank is empty and flushed with clean water a couple of times.. :eek: :eek: :) :) :)
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Well.....At least you have some good fortune....Your waste tank is empty :) :) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I would try to contact the MFG (if they are still around) and get a replacement. If that doesn't work...try a marine supply dealer. Boats use sheathed cables all the time for many different things. They can be ordered to length and with a few modifications you may be able to repair it yourself.. The company Teleflex comes to mind.

Sorry I can't be of some more help.. :( :(

Good Luck :) :)
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Hi Domingo,
Here is a link to the Teleflex company.....They specialize in that kind of stuff....You can order the cable with any of several end fittings or attachment options and in any length you need.....They also own Morris Controls for boat motors and the like....


You will have to go through a Marine or RV dealer to get this stuff but it will work.....

C Nash

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Domingo, are you sure the cable is broken? They are prone to slip out of the clamp at the tank valve on HR. Some are in tight places and hard to get to.
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The cable slipped out of the clamp because the casing or the clamp that holds the cable is broken. The previous owner had used that gray tape to keep the cable from slipping out of the clamp. upon closer inspection I notice the clamp is broken. It is in a tight space. The easiest is to take it to the RV place. I have been there every time I return from a trip. I bought the RV from an individual who had rigged everything and took lots of short cuts. I have had all sorts of problems since I bought this thing. Thanks for the advice I will look at the web site thanks everybody.