Water Heater Bypass

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Thanks for all the info! I have been out of town on business and have just now been able to read the replies. I will give it a whirl when I get home tonight and post the results. Thanks again!
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OK, Rain kept me away from the camper the other night but yesterday was nice so I hooked up the water and fired up the heater. Turned the nobs, opened main water - closed bypass and whalaa.....hot water from the tap! Thanks to all!


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well glad u got it ,, and see it wasn"t that hard to figure out ;)
But i am very glad u let us know on the turn out of u'r experience ,, i think others will see u'r post and see that they really don't have a prob ,, since u did it they will be looking more closley at thier set up ;) ;)
Way to go Allison :) :approve: :approve: :approve:
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My bypass on my Fleetwood Niagara is 3 valves - two drain valves under the trailer (below water heater), and one valve on the back of the water heater (under the sofa seat).