water heater not igniting

We have a 1994 coachmen maxxum. the water heater light comes on when we hit the switch, but it stays on and does not ignite. we have checked fuses, wires, battery, etc,,, are we missing something? :( :question:
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Hello and welcome,
You left a lot of questions on the table.

I assume you are talking about the gas not working.
What brand of heater is it?
Does it spark at all?
I know this sounds silly, but it happens a lot. Do you know you have gas in the tanks or are they on?

It sounds like a Suburban heater from what you say about the switch light. I am also assuming you have a DSI heater for the same reason. IF SO, there is a fuseable link at the thermostat you need to make sure is still good. That is located behind the gas valve, behind a black cover that is held on by 2 or 3 screws. You will see a wire on the right of the thermostat. If it is burned in two, there is your problem. If it is not burned, you could have a bad thermostat. (It could think your water is already hot.)

There could be other things, but that is the first place I would look. Let us know what you find.
RE: water heater not igniting

Most commonly if it wont go into ignition it would be the PC Board. It can be tested with a Fenwel board tester at your local authorized center.

The previous post was reffering to your high & low temp. thermal switches. If one is stuck open or closed it wont complete the circuit, the other common part tp go out.
They are located behind a black cover on the outside of the water heater, they controll the temperatures, they are cheep i would suggest just replace them. One is 12/vlt & the other 110/vlt if you have a 110vlt setting. ps the HwH require at least 10.5/vlts. Cheers!


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I know another dumb ???? but besides u'r propane being full ,,, is u'r WH full of water also???
Be sure to ck the bypass valves on it if it has had a bypass put on it,,,
I did kinda the same thing this past May we spent a week in SC and when the wife was gonna do dishes she yelled this damn light comes on and then goes off ,, how can i do dishes without HW,,, well doing some sniffing around i found out that i never reset the bypass on the WH after i did my spring water cleanout of the antifreeze (i did put the plug in though) after i switched the valves the WH started to fill with water and ,,, boom ,, the light went out and the WH lit...
I guess even though u have owned a RV for awhile u kinda forget the small stuff ,, but as i see it chalk anouther one up on the board as for experience in the RV world.. :laugh:
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OK, ROCKONMC.....you do not get spark, the gas is full (stove and heating works), all lights work except your test lights, but the red light stays on when you try to turn on the hot water heater. You already cleaned the igniter and checked for spark (there was none)...you already check for the smell of gas in the ignitor area once the switch was turned on and there was no smell......this all said, then test your black circuit board in your hot water heater compartment door. There should be a black circuit panel with a white connector leading in to it. Turn on your hot water heater, then disconnect the white connector from the black circuit board, then reconnect it in 10 sec.....if you do not hear any type of click noise from the circuit board, then I suggest replacing the board or having a local RV servicer to come check it to make certain....I say it is the circuit board.....


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Thanks everyone, I am learning each time I open a new section, things I thought I knew and things I am just learning, like my father said if you stop learning , you are dead.
God Bless You All,

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i guess the original poster got the prob fixed,, since we have not heard back from him :) :) :) ;) :eek: