Water Heater not working/ alarm


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I have a 2005 Outback Sydney 29-FHS and on my control panel this weekend I attempted to start the water heater on electric mode and was not successful. There was a light which seems to be an alarm light that was lit. It had the letters "DLS FLT" around it. When I turned the electric off and waited about 10 seconds and then turned it back, I waited 10 minutes and the water did not get hot. About one hour later the light was back on and the water was still cold. I turned off the electric heater and turned on the propane heater. Within 10 minutes the water was as hot as always.
I tore through all my manuals and found no help. Made sure the fuse was good. Yes, I even made sure the hot water lines were full prior to turning on the heater. Cannot figure the light out, except that it kills the electric heater. Looked over the heater and did not see any obvious issues. Like I said it, is fine now with the propane. I have used the electric heater in the past with no issues. The only guess I have is a filter (FLT?) but found no evidence of one. I have had the trailer for 2 1/2 months now, so I am at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


2005 Outback 29FHS
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Re: Water Heater not working/ alarm

I would guess FLT means FauLT. But what could go wrong with the system is a mystery to me. It must be fairly common if they have a light to warn of it...

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Re: Water Heater not working/ alarm

My Atwood electric/gas water heater has a very, very small reset switch for electric on the water heater. I use a ball point pen inserted into the small hole to reset it. Don't know if your's works that way, but it is something to consider.


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Re: Water Heater not working/ alarm

What make and model is your water heater and is the electric heater a part from the manufacturer or was it added later as an after-market part?