Water Heater

Water Heater is on, but not getting hot,no hot water, you can toucht the top of it, it feels warm.
its a old one on a 1993 dutchman 32ft 5wheel,
any one know what to do,
ky woman
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Is this a gas only or gas/electric water heater, and which way are you trying to use it? If it is gas only, you will hear the gas burning, electric opens up a few more questions.
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its both, but I have never had it on gas, just electric, and electric is what Im trying to get it to come on, it seems like
its on, like I said, its a lettle wram on the top, and everything seems ok in the fuss box, but cant get it to get hot.


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If you can get water pressure out of the hot water spickot, then your bypass is probably ok.. I'd still say it may be the heating element going bad or needing removed, cleaned. If it is getting some warmth, then it is trying to heat. Lots of experts on this site to help......
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I would think that if the element is bad, you would not have any warm water. I don't think you would get any heating from a bad element. IF you truly have warm water, you will feel it at the faucets and the problem just might the the thermostat. If it is bad, it won't heat properly. If you determine you don't have warm water, I would take another look at the element.

DL Rupper

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13 years old. I would say it is time for a new one. My first water heater lasted
7 years. If the bypass isn't working properly you will get water out of the hot water faucet. Mine does that and I supposedly had it fixed last year at the factory. At least I paid to have it fixed. Still produces water out of the hot tap when in the bypass mode.

My new suburban water heater (2002) has a little tiny reset switch on it and if my hot water is luke warm, I have to crawl under the sink with a flashlight and reset the switch with the end of a ball point pen. Besides being small it's recessed. However, I doubt if a 1993 water heater has the reset switch. My first suburban water heater (1995) didn't.

DL Rupper

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Just for clarification, my water heater with the little recessed switch is an Atwood. So was the old one.
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Go outside and open the temperature and pressure valve(pop off valve). if the water is hot there then close the center valve of the three valves at the back of the water heater. If the water isn't hot light the propane side and call someone to fix it.
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KY Woman If the tank is warm and you've got water flow,then it points to a faulty thermostat,but I agree with DL that at 13years it's proberly tim to change the unit. :) :). anyone seen TEX? :laugh: :laugh: . Bazzer UK.