Water Heater

Why would my water heater not heat up like it use to? The burner comes on normally and the water is warm. It use to be where you couldn't keep your hand under running hot water. Any suggestions? :(
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I've got a mh and its located in an inside cabinet near the water heater. Mine is a valve with a lever on it. They tend to hide this stuff.
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I know what you mean! All valves are open. I've never changed them since I purchased my trailer that's why I'm wondering why it's not hot like it use to.
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From what I can remember seeing, there are 3. I believe that those valves are for when you winterize your trailer. Those are the only valves I see.
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You have 3 valves, you need to close the middle valve. That will force water through the heater.

Go to the top of the page and click albums. Go into Grandview Trailer Sales album and you will see a picture of the back of a water heater. You should see something similar on your trailer.
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I will check and see if the valve is open. Thanks Kenneth. Picture makes sense!

Lets say that valve is open, is that why it's only warm water? :question: