Water leak


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View attachment 373View attachment 372 I have a 2008 Fleetwood Tioga Class C. Yesterday I went out to wash it for an upcoming trip. On the drivers side about half way between the cab and air conditioner, I see three dark brown streaks running down the side. They seem to be dripping from under the drip edge that runs the length of the RV. No sign of the brown stain on the rubber roof above the drip edge. I climbed on top and found what looks like air bubbles under the rubber roof in a few spots around the AC. Could water be getting under the roof material and running down the side? Is this rubber material glued to the roof and would these streaks be the glue and water mixture. And finally, what material is the roof made of that the rubber lays on?:concern::concern::concern:

Here are two pictures of the brown streaks, they are the color of coffee. Click to enlarge. It only does this when it rains.