Water pump help

The day before yesterday the temp (overnight) dropped to 24F and the next morning there was antifreeze under the motorhome(a small amount). It was either coming from the hose clamp on the lower radiator hose or the weephole on the water pump. I tightened the hose clamp, dried the the hose and started the motor and all stayed dry.

Today it was still dry until I started the motor to do some things and there is coolant on the ground again, my suspicion is that it is the water pump. So, after all those long details...what is the best way to get at the water pump? The motorhome is a 1993 Thor Pinnacle 300Q (454Chevy) and it seems to me that going thru the front is the best way, or can you get the pump off by going thru the engine cover inside? Anyone do their own wrenching on their rigs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Jeff
Water pump help

Thanks I am going to need it! As soon as our company leaves I will look at the radiator to see how it comes out, hopefully it will not be too bad once the radiator is removed. Take care...Jeff