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We have to "retrofit" a fresh-water tank and electrical pump in our 36' park model trailer as the park we are in has lousy water pressure.
Pump is 115V and would normally be "wired" in to trailers electrical system.However, I am loathe to break any cover seals protecting us from mice and other rodents, by drilling holes etc.in the underbody.
I think I should be able to wire the pump with a "plug" and connect it to a normal electrical outlet. Any ideas on the grade of wire and electrical plug I should use. Please note I am in Ontario Canada and must follow safety codes for this province.


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Water Pump


Wiring an appliance to a plug is very feasible. As for the wire size, it should be based on the pump current draw...likely less than 10 amps which would not require more than #12 wire. If it is in the 10 amp range you could actually take an extension cord salvaged from some other appliance like an old microwave, drill motor, etc (I always remove wires from other things I throw away) that has been disposed of and use it, just wire correctly. If the pump is 3 wire (hot, neutral and ground), be sure to use a 3 wire plug too.

As far as which outlet, the only thing I would suggest is using one in an area that is least likely to be used concurrently with water - like out of the kitchen or bath area should be fine. Just thinking to avoid a receptacle where someone might be using a blow dryer then the pump kicks on and overloads the circuit.

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