water tank purification............


Hello everyone:
I have a 56 gal water tank,according to what I have been reading 1/4 will treat 15G.Am correct to assume that I'll need to use a full cup to purified a 56G tank?
Also if you would:How long can the water be left un
used in water tank,beforeto sanitise the tank again?Please overlook the simplicity of the ?,I'm very to the game(RV) and I have to be cautious!Many thanks for replying.parigi


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water tank purification............

You are correct. Once the bleach is in the water tank and the tank is full, run it throug each and every line until you smell the clorine odor from each faucet. (hot & cold) Then let it stand for at least two hours, four is better. Once the time is up, drain it and flush with fresh water. If the smell remains, mix backing soda in the same mix as the bleach and run that through the system. Let it stand for 1 hour and then drain it and flush with clean water and you should be good to go.