we are beginners-lots of questions

:) with the hurricane blowing in we have noticed leaks. all we can see is that it must have blown in somewhere. one place i think was a window at the queen size bedroom, it has an emergency exit. it was closed but the mattress is damp like it blew in. another spot was under the sink area, where the electric outlet cord is on outside wall, could it have come in around cord?? roof was dry inside. it ran on the floor in front of stove and sink area. i know with the wind blowing the rain blew straight in at the side. lucky we were in tennessee and just got little of katrina(hurricane). any suggestions on how to find out for sure where it is coming in, and how or what to do to stop it. all help appreciated. :)
we are beginners-lots of questions

Welcome to the forum ......Sounds like a trip back to the dealer to me. Wish I could help but some leaks are really hard to find. Sounds funny but sometimes when its dark have someone shine a flashlight from the outside and one person inside to see if they see any light coming through the walls. If so, thats where the water is geting in.
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we are beginners-lots of questions

we have called the dealer once to say we have found leak. hubby seems to think it was just because the way the wind was blowing, straight line rains. i just hope it does not do again and i hope no damage to floor. thank u for your help, turnip42.
we are beginners-lots of questions

the other thing u can try we actually do at the shop i work at is shut all the doors and windows and vents, basically anything that can be opened close them and run a air line inside the unit seal that up too. and then go around where u saw water and spray soapy water or anything that will bubble and bingo there's ur leak. it does take a while but you should find the leaks
we are beginners-lots of questions

rpm toy hauler-new
we traveled about 4 hours to pick it up, for we live in small town..just shocked for we could not see where coming from. could it have ran in around electric cord where we have it hooked up, for the little door was open some. but seemed like lot of water, but again katrina was a lot of rain and wind blowing.
we are beginners-lots of questions

well even if the door is open just a little bit with alot of rain coming down can get alot of rain in. but try this on that door. close the door completely take a water hose to it and put something that will show water very easy on the inside of the door this way when u wet the door if water shows up on the object u put on the inside then u have a leak if not then it was just from it being open a little bit. sometimes even on new units the seals around the little doors can be bad and cause leaks
we are beginners-lots of questions

Make sure your cord is hanging down below the door too. That way water doesn't run down the cord and right into the camper. Sounds like you were just in some extreme conditions and probably weren't the only ones with some water in their rig. I would probably try a garden hose on the suspicious areas and see what that yields. If it stays dry that way then try a pressure washer. If that does it and the hose doesn't then you will probably be safe in everything but the most extreme rain. And you can also see if you can caulk or otherwise seal the area. Good luck, Krazee


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we are beginners-lots of questions

The window should not leak, under any conditions. We have had several RVs over the years that had the emergency exit windows and they do not leak, even with high winds. We too just finished with that last of our part of Katrina and we had wind and rain, but fortunately, no leaks. We recently had one window removed and resealed to stop a leak around it. I strongly suggest that you insist the dealer pull yours out and reseal it properly.
we are beginners-lots of questions

Cliff, I mean Kirk, has spoken, so sayeth the king, lol. You'll find on this board Kirk is like the guy Cliff on Cheers, he 'knows' everything about everything. So, don't bother reading what everyone else writes, just Cliff, I mean Kirk, because he 'knows' it all. Oh, and one warning! Don't post any pictures or he will blast you good for it!
we are beginners-lots of questions

Yes I admit I really need to leave and forget the mean people. Speaking of leaving, I guess we will have to take a different route to Texas this year because of Katrina. Horrible things in the Gulf States. So sad. We usually go down through Memphis, Tn then Mississippi, then LA and take I10 to Texas, but this year I don't know how we'll go. Guess through OK. Then I'll be in a better mood and able to ignore Cliff :laugh:
we are beginners-lots of questions

Take I-44 southwest out of St. Louis to I-35 south right in to Texas or take I-35 south out of Illinois right in to Texas. Depending what part of Illinois you live in.
we are beginners-lots of questions

We live in Southern Illinois, about 120 miles Southeast of St. Louis. I think that's how we came back from Texas. We went up through Dallas, through Ok, then Springfield, MO and I255 around St. Louis to I64, then I57 to home. Guess we can just reverse that order :) . Too bad because I really enjoyed going down to I10 and driving the coast to Alamo. My hubby wants to go through Ark but I don't want to travel all those hills! :dead:


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we are beginners-lots of questions

I've been through OK several times. I40 and I44 are toll roads from Missouri to OK City, and they charge by the axel. Plus, the EXIT from the toll road at Tulsa was not well marked, and we missed it. We had to stop every 50 feet (slight exageration :) and pay another toll all the way around Tulsa.

This last trip, we went West from St Louis to Kansas, and then down (I35 I think) through OK to OK City. We go west on (free but bumpy) I40, but you could continue south into Texas. There was a toll road in Kansas, but much cheaper than OK, which I now call 'Tollklahoma'

Going to IL, we usually go from Ft Worth east through Ark and then north through the tip of Tenn and the boot of MO. That may even be I57 we take north. Don't recall any major hills, but there sure are some sections of bumpy road.