We Want a Generator ... Help please

We pick up our 5th wheel in a week and want a generator but we've not yet firmed up the model or fuel type.

Heard good things about "KIPOR" generators being quiet but the dealer seems to like LP gas units though I think they drink too much LP per hour.

Recommendations are welcome for the unit which is 50 AMP, has two roof A/C units (13,500 btu ea) and is about 36' long.

DL Rupper

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Re: We Want a Generator ... Help please

Normally I recommend 2 Honda 2000's in parallel, but if you want to run both air conditioners at the same time, you will probably need more oomph. The benefit of 2 Hondas is that if you only need lights, TV and small appliances you only need to run 1 generator, however, if you need more oomph you can parallel the 2 and get more power. The other advantage is that they are portable and don't weigh too much separately.

We have an on-board Onon 4K Emerald and it works great, but takes up a lot of space and weighs too much. The Honda's weren't available when I bought the 5er or I would have purchased the Honda's at half the price. The Onan is a propane unit and really works good. It does go through propane fast especially if you are out dry camping and need the gas furnace as well as propane generator. Kiss a bottle of propane good-by in about 2 days with just judicious use. Normally though you aren't dry camping in cold weather.


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Re: We Want a Generator ... Help please

The reason that propane generators are popular in trailers is that the fuel is 'already available'. If you go with another type of generator, you will need to install a fuel tank for that fuel.

To run a 50 amp trailer (with both A/C going at the same time), you will probably need 6 to 8 KW. A built in, RV specific, generator would probably be most conveniant, but expensive. If you can mount a generator on your tow vehicle, then there are several options. For quietness, perhaps 2 Honda EU3000 hooked together. Or if quietness is not your first concern, than any good 6 to 8 KW generator.
Re: We Want a Generator ... Help please

Actually the kipor has some major drawbacks. They aren't durable enough for RV use. You will need at least 5000watts to run the two AC units and your other appliances as well. Honda and Yamaha make good gensets as well as Onan and Kohler. Onan's newer gensets are quieter than there older ones but not as quiet as the Honda or Yamaha.
Re: We Want a Generator ... Help please

This is our first year selling Kipor, but we have sold quite a few. I have NOT had ONE warranty issue yet. I camp with several customers who bought them and everyone is happy with their Kipor. I don't know of any "majar drawbacks".

Kipor makes a QUIET 6000 that has a 50 amp. plug in the face plate. It will run everything a trailer is designed for, including 2 AC's.

I have a Honda 3000EU. I bought it 3 years ago and I am very happy with it. I run my 50 amp. trailer with it by adapting down to 30 amps. It runs my trailer just fine. I do run water heater and Refer. on gas to save all the amps. I can. I also know I can't run everything at once. You have to have some idea how many amps. something is pulling and you can get along just fine.

When my Honda gives out, I will replace it with a Kipor for 2 reasons. I like to use what I sell, and they cost less.
Re: We Want a Generator ... Help please

We haven't had problems with the larger ones either. Just when they try to hook two of the small ones together is when the problems arise.