weight distribution

i am pulling a 5th wheel with a ford 250-my weight distribution is:
steering axle--7460
drive axle--3800
trailer axle--2000
do i need to raise fith wheel setting to throw more weight back to trailer or should i leave it where it's at. ty for any response :cool:

Gary B

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weight distribution

HI Bob, are you sure you have the numbers right? Thats way too much wieght for a sterring axle and not near enough on the drive axle.
I found the weights for our rig as follows Hitchhiker II (empty)
hitched to our F-350 dually full fuel: steer axle 2780 Lbs rear axle 3880 lbs King pin wt 1520 lbs. 5er wt. both axles 8090 lbs. hope this helps. :) :bleh: :approve:
weight distribution

Agree with GB, sounds like your steering and drive axle weights might be reversed...You shurely wouldn't want that type of split. :eek:
weight distribution

yep i had it weighed at a truck stop --my 5th wheel has 4 settings and now i am on the bottom setting-if i raised the fith wheel up would it take some weight of the steer axle-new to this hope this is not a dumb question--ty Bob

Gary B

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weight distribution

Hi bob, I can't belive you could possiblly have 7460 lbs on your front axle, no it won't take any weight off of your truck if you go too high it will shift the weight from the front trailer axle to the aft axle, you have got to have more than 2000 lbs of wt on the trailer axles. :question: How big is your 5er what make & model?
weight distribution

i have a 30 ft kountry star--newmar--1991- i have a f-250 that weighs 5900--and a total weight of 13260 -leaving around aprox 7200 for the kountry star--maybe i need to reweigh it -and go from there i have a long bed and the fith wheel is dead center--appreciate your help with this--Bob
weight distribution

I'm not sure what you mean about "shifting more weight to the trailer"

The trailer should be as near perfect level as you can get it when it's being towed. This is to insure that the trailer weight is evenly split on both of the trailer axles/tires.

If the trailer is tilted down in front, there will be too much weight on the front trailer axle and can cause damage to the front axle assembly (wheel bearings,brakes, etc) and tires.
Plus it will make the trailer tend to "fishtail" more than normal when being pulled at highway speeds.

If the trailer is tilted backward, the same thing will occur with the rear trailer axle and tires .. except now the trailer will have a tendency to "BOB" (bounce) up and down which can cause a serious steering problem with the truck as well as cause excess wear and tear on the fifth wheel pin box and trailer frame where it is connected (welded to frame)at the trailer.

I realize that everyone has their own thoughts on this and I welcome any other views on this subject,, This is just mine,,

Best of luck in what ever you decide,,