Weight for Tow Vehicle


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We have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport rated for 5000 lbs. Which figure do we use (GVW, etc) to determine how much the camper actually weighs and how much we will be towing?


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Weight for Tow Vehicle

I used to have a Jeep Cherokee with the 4L six cyl engine. There is no way I would try to pull 5000lbs with it. The maximum I would pull with that would be a pop-up trailer. I had a Rockwood pop-up and it pulled it ok, but with two bicycles on the top and a little head wind, the performance really suffered. You need to find the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and then the GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) . Both should be listed in the owners manual. The GVWR is the max the Jeep can weigh with all fuel, passengers, luggage, etc. The GCVWR is the max that the Jeep plus any towed vehicle can weigh. Once you know the GCVWR you can subtract the GVWR of the Jeep from it to determing how heavy a trailer you can pull. Keep in mind that frontal area of the trailer must be taken into consideration, and that the weight of the trailer must include any water, propane, supplies and extras you have on the trailer. Best way to determine all these is to actually weigh the trailer and truck. Be careful of what truck and trailer salesmen try to tell you. Do your own math and weigh before you purchase.
Perhaps Les Adams will jump in here. He is very knowledgable and good at explaining these issues. Hope this helps a little.

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