Westerly trip

Hi all, we are planning on leaving in a few days from Midland Michigan, going down through Chicago taking I80 and than I90 up through Montana, Idaho and Washington before heading North into British Columbia.

We want to catch I97 in order to go North into BC through Osyoos, but I'm not sure the best route to take to get to I97 from Spokane. Has anyone goner across on hwy 2 ?

We're travelling in a 33.5 foot Condor and want to avoid any steep grades.

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

Keith :
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Howdy Keith. What's a steep grade? You will have to cross the mountains someplace going west and again coming back through Canada. In a gasser, a 7% grade can become a challenge particularly if you have a toad.

BTW, how long are you planning and if you can be more specific on your route we may have some ideas.
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Thanks Jim, we're planning a 4 week trip, 1 week to get to Kelowna BC, 2 weeks in the Kelowna area and than a week back to Michigan.

We're planning to go down around Chicago, upo to I 90 and across to Spokane.


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By the time you reach Spokane you will have your steep grade on I90 and there is no way around the rockies. From Spokane SR 2 to SR 97 to Osyoos. Hyway 2 is mostly rolling wheat land, hot and dry. An option with good two lane road is SR2 to Wilbur then SR174 to Grand Coulee Dam then SR155 to Omak then SR 97 to Osyoos. Small pass between Grand coulee and Omak but nothing you won't have already done on I90. And you get to see the Grand Coulee Dam. If you can plan this for an evening I think they still have a light shor on the dams face.

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Just an update to our trip, we left Midland Michigan last Wednesday, and made it to Falkland BC yesterday (Monday) I80, I90 through Spokane and then took Highway 2, Hwy 17 to US97 North. Some grades, but nothing more than 6%, just geared down and took our time as needed.

Great trip so far, very, very hot, was 103 at 10:30 a.m. yesterday as we went through Coeur D'Alene. My dash air is giving me some issues does anyone know how I could use the roof air while travelling ?

Anyway will give an update later, thanks.



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Keith you should be able to use your MH air by running the generator, that is if you have one, but just remember it is running off your fuel tank also.