What Are Tags? Tag Cloud?


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To Tag or not to Tag ...

... That is a solution to searching for something.

Provided that everyone will add a pertinent Tag when posting ...

Cindy Hendricks

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You add tags to a thread post, blog post, etc., that basically are like keywords relevant to the post. For example, if I posted a blog about how to empty the holding tanks on a class c motorhome, I would use these tags: holding tanks, how to, class c. If the post was specific to a mfg and model, I would add those tags as well.

The tag cloud is automatically compiled based on the tags users have entered. The larger the font of the keyword in the tag cloud the more popular or more times it was used. For example, if you go to this thread: http://www.rvusa.com/forum/vbulletin/showthread.php/12287-How-to-Correct-Your-Time-Stamp-on-Posts, scroll to the bottom and you'll see two tags for that thread and below that is a link for View Tag Cloud. "Post" is the largest tag in that section, so it's used the most so far. As more and more visitors get used to adding tags to their post, which by the way makes it easier to search for a specific topic, we will see this grow.

Cindy :)