What are the advantages of a 5th Wheel?

We're looking for a travel trailer, nothing huge, just something simple. I've been looking in the 19-23 foot range, but I've also been seeing some smaller 5th wheels around that look nice. What is better/worse on a 5th wheel? I was told that they tow better and are easier to backup. Is this true? What advice can you offer out there? If we want to move up or change trailers in the future, is a 5th wheel harder to sell since fewer vehichles can tow them? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
What are the advantages of a 5th Wheel?


We are lookin in the same direction. Here is what we found out.
Yes they are supposed to tow better than a trailer. I feel they are a lot safer to tow. JMHBAO Another advantage is you get a longer unit and less behind you to tow. For example a 27 5th may be the same in size as a 30 or 31 trailer. This makes the rig in effect a bit bigger but smaller to tow. That's a good thing. The thing I like about it is it is supposed to be faster to hitch and unhitch. This is important if you plan to use your truck a lot and move the trailer often. The driver can look out the rear window and see the hitch and line up the trailer to hook on. Big plus. The big draw back I see is that the bed of your truck is unusable. I have a ATC I would like to take but will not be able if I go the 5th route. I have a truck camper so I will take it huntin and trailer the ATC. As far as the resail well........ I would think most people that are goin to drag a 27 foot trailer or so "ain't" doin it with a Honda. Everyone and his brother has a pick up. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to sell one. Well no harder than a trailer anyway.

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What are the advantages of a 5th Wheel?

I would have to say the advantage or disadvantage of either travel trailer or 5th wheel can only be answered by you. It's one of those personal things that only you can determine. if you have friends that have trailers and you have never towed, see if they will let you take a short tow and try maneuvering in a parking lot. Go to a campground and talk to people with both type trailer, most will be very happy to show you what they like or dislike.


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What are the advantages of a 5th Wheel?

Hi bristolview,
Have towed both travel trailers and 5th wheel and there is no comparsion (IMO) which tows best. The 5th wheel wins!! In the smaller 5th wheels the Cougar by Keystone is an excellent rv and Thumbs has been looking at the Larado. I think they are about the same unit. Gary pretty well sumed up the pluses and minus. You can hook up the 5th wheel by looking in your rear view mirror and that's important when the old neck starts getting stiff. As n8xv said only you can make the final decision.

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What are the advantages of a 5th Wheel?

Hi Bristolview, you have gotten good advise in the above posts, I too have towed both, and while I've had no problems with a TT, I really really prefer to tow a 5th wheel, hitching and unhitching is many times easier IMO with the 5 th wheel. One thing with the TT is the floor is all one level, no steps to the bath or bedroom, not a big deal if your younger and spry. As for resale I thing it favors the 5 th wheel but I may just think that as thats what I prefer. As for backing up, once you have experience I don't think there is much if any difference. As to equipping a tow vehicle the cost are about equall, you'll need a brake controller for both, the cost of a 5th wheel hitch or a equallizer sway control hitch are very close in price. I quess an advantage of the TT is they can be towed with a Van or Suburban type vehicle while a 5th wheel will require a pickup. Good luck in your search. GB
What are the advantages of a 5th Wheel?


This is my first year pulling a 5th wheel. I had pulled a 24' travel trailer for almost 5 years. I would never go back to a TT. The 5th wheel pulls better, is more stable, (like when an 18 wheeler passes me) doesn't sway as bad when crosswinds are blowing. Not to say that I think it is easer to back up.

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