What can I pull with Chevy 2500 ? (5th wheel)


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I am new to board and to trailers. I have a question. I have a 1994 Chevy 2500 pickup V-8 (350 I think). How big of a 5th wheel can I pull with this? I pulled a 18 foot bumper bull from Dallas to Mississippi and it seemed to pull hard up hills at times. I don't want to get anything too big for the truck (and I'm not sure if I could handle a trailer longer than 30 feet). I found a 1996 Trailmanor 25 foot for $5500. This may be a better way to go. My wife, 12 y/o son, and I need something to be able to live in if I start working on the road. Would appreciate any advice. :laugh:


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What can I pull with Chevy 2500 ? (5th wheel)

Hi James, you should be ok with the Trailmanor, just don't push it too hard. :)


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What can I pull with Chevy 2500 ? (5th wheel)

You will want to stay with the smaller trailers (25 foot should be within the weight rating of your truck). Unfortunately, small gas motors like the 350 suck when towing uphill or against the wind, even when you are way under the 'maximum towing weight' for your truck. Diesels rule when towing, although a BIG gas engine can do the job adequately.

My 6.0 L GMC (gas) engine towed about 6500 pounds from AZ to NY and back, working fine on the flats. Going up mild hills was an annoyance, and the big rise between Amarrilo, TX and Albuquerque a real strain, but it made it.

If you avoid the mountains, and take the big hills slow, you can manage a trailer up to a substantual percentage of your trucks tow rating (assuming it is properly equipped for towing).