what do you look for in mechanic/shop?

I own a repair shop in Western North Carolina and I'm surrounded by RV parks. We primarily do maintenance, repair, performance, and detailing on 1/2 to 1 ton gas and diesel trucks. I've had some great customers from these local parks and they really inspired me to try to service this community better. So my question is, what do you look for? What are those things that would help you the most while traveling? Thanks in advance!

C Nash

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As a former auto tech, instructor the most important thing i learned was honesty to customers. Try to be prompt on time and charge fair prices. Most customers will or dont mind paying higher prices for quality work. If you make a mistake and we do admit it to customer and make it right. Explain as best you can what you will or expect to have to do to fix a problem. Electrical problems can be hard. You may spend hrs diagnosing and then short time fixing. Be fair but you have to be paid for time spent. Good luck. Good techs are hard to find
Thanks for the response. Honesty and integrity are the most important thing for us. But other those things, what items are the most common that you find that you need while traveling? oil changes? brakes? bulbs? batteries? tires? how many are DIY'ers and how many aren't? I dont travel with my camper anymore so I feel a little disconnected.
Brakes, belts hose and lot of rvers are in the dark when it comes to winterizing. Tires are a big concern as some think as long as treads are good they ok. Not replace after 5 to 7 yr and the crappy tires that come on most get them off. Proper sealing and inspection of foofs are often neglected. I do most all my on repair. O2 HR 32 ft on ford chassis been back to dealer twice for water leak which i eventually found myself. I understand leaks can be very hard to find. Might offer a rv class 101 lol. It amazes me that people are buying and dealers are not really going over the normal things. New owners are excited and just think its get in and go. Read your manuals and all the material on appliances. Good luck