What have you done with our language?

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RE: What have you done with our language?

We all carry our guns to shoot the bad guys because we know they have guns. Doesn't make alot of sense to let them have guns and not be able to shoot back. Besides when the Government gets to radical and starts taxing us too much, we can have another revolution and straighten everything out again.
Re: What have you done with our language?

Hey Nash, we may not have gravy and bisquits at the McDonalds but we have them at the Sonic now! They come with sausage too! But you have to agree Dairy Queen got the best eats and treats!! :eek: :bleh:

And furthermore, I would like to know who decided what was South because by any way you look at it, Texas is about as far South as you can get and still be in the US. I will give Florida it's due as it is about the same. :laugh:

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Re: What have you done with our language?

Naw Carol or John we don't claim Flordia anymore :angry: To many yankees down there :laugh: ;) If we can get Georgia to go along we gonna start charging Archer and all them tolls to get through. :laugh: Well since Texas is allowing Sonic to serve gravy now we will allow you back in the south. :laugh:
RE: What have you done with our language?

As another Englishman on this forum, I've enjoyed reading this thread.

We've been traveling in the US for most of this year and have almost got used to saying gas when we mean petrol, hood instead of bonnet etc.

There are many other ways that the UK and the US differ too. Cinnamon seems to be in everything in the US - including toothpaste. This is a good thing - and not the case in the UK. And coffee often comes with free refills in the US. In the UK a coffee is one cupful. You want more? You pay again. Score two for America.

On a more serious note, there seems to be quite a difference in driving attitudes in the US that I'm not a fan of (apart from driving on the left!). We've met and got to know lots of people on our travels in the US, and have been somewhat shocked at how many folks drink and drive here. In the UK, you're pretty much a social outcast if you drink and drive; even a little bit. Most people just don't do it.

And so many people never use a seat-belt here. We have been with a family who insisted to their children buckle up, but refused to buckle up themselves. What's that about?

One thing which we've loved about America is how trusting and hospitable people are. It's something that is a real difference between the US and the UK. In the UK, people would be happy for you to visit if you were at least a friend of a friend. But wouldn't necessarily offer a place to stay to a stranger.

Not the case in the US. We've had people offer their homes for us to stay in, often within seconds of meeting us. The fools!!! Seriously though, it's a wonderful part of American culture that I'm determined to start emulating when I get back home.

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Ok guys explain this then

Football in the US is where they rarely make contact with the ball with their feet but gay lookin guys in tights, shoulder pads and crash hats run around with the ball in their hands and they call it 'FOOTBALL'! No David Beckham and no feet thats wierd

A guy who I asked where he was from suddenly announced Fart! Dodge so I did dodge and it turned out to be a place in NW Iowa.

You laugh at Jay Leno and we look at him with despair wondering how we can make a squillion dollars blurtiing nonsense to canned laughter. In England if he were an undertaker people would stop dying. How dull!

We have biscuits which we dip in our tea - You have muffins you call biscuits and when dipped in the sacred PG Tips soaks the whole cup of tea up in one dip.

You have baseball with Joe DeMagio with Marilyn Monroe watching on and making a zillion dollars a day and we have rounders in a field with the fastest kid scoring the most runs with Mr and Mrs Smith admiring the skills of their offspring for free.

We have our Queen whom we adore - Do you adore Queens?

We have Gilbert O'Sullivan and you have Gilbert and Sullivan and we have Mozart and you have Neil Diamond

I have a dog you have dawgs.

Im not going from here guys so I tickle you with these disparities and I am am resililient as baked beans so lets hear 'em all



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Re: What have you done with our language?

MMMMM We call and ask a girl for a date but I had an English bud in school Who said Should knock up his sister, Now that got my attention.