What RPM in 2nd gear (automatic)

I'm wondering what the max RPM is in 2nd gear for my 97 F250HD PU.... V8 351 w/automatic. I'm hauling a little 16ft travel trailer and about 3/4 ton of stuff in the back of the truck.

When I'm goin over mountains and have to downshift to 2nd, I cruise real nice at about 34-3500rpm which is about 45mph.
I have a 400 or 410 rear end.

So I'm wondering if 34-3500 RPM is to much....for like a 10 or 15 min. stretch...

The truck came with an extra factory trans cooler with the tow package, but I'm concerned about the engine/trans at this RPM.

Any comments? Thanks! Mike

Mike Dimock

Gary B

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What RPM in 2nd gear (automatic)

Hi Mike, you shouldn't hurt anything, I'm not sure what the rpm's are for the 351, but know that thats right in the ball park for a 460, and the V10, and the GM 454. Happy trails GB
What RPM in 2nd gear (automatic)

Gee if big blocks can cruise in second at 3500 RPM I would think that my small block should be fine....Thanks again! Mike

Mike Dimock