What should I put in my Travel Trailer


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Hello fellow Travel Trailer owners. I am now the proud owner of a 2004 Outback 28RS-S TT with all the bells and whistles. I will take delivery in early April. I have never been camping in a travel trailer. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and in the military. We have three children (10 yr old and 2- 6 yr olds) and a west highland terrier. My family and I will be moving (4500 miles) to the east coast this summer and are excited about the adventure. I would like your thoughts from fellow outback owners as to what you think is important to load into my TT before we depart. I plan to learn some of this as I test the TT in May. I also plan on purchasing a Reese HP Dual Cam Sway Control and weight distribuition hitch. I also believe I will purchase the prodigy brake controller. What are important items that you should have on board as we depart on this expedition. Thanks for your input...

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What should I put in my Travel Trailer

Money. Just kidding. Safety stuff (first aid kits), medicines, tool set, emergency road kit, cell phone, emergency road service membership (Good Sam, Camping World, etc.). Of course, clothes, cooking stuff, maybe a small electric space heater, coffe maker, TV, VCR/DVD and DOG FOOD. (Don't forget a pooper scooper).
Basically, if your gonna travel in it for weeks, you just need to think what you might need, the wife might need, the kids might need/want and then "Finally".....make sure you are NOT exceeding your weight limits (outlined on the tow vehicle and camper). Also, don't forget dog's shot records/health records. Use common sense on this, but watch, as I said, your weight.
Have a great and safe trip.
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What should I put in my Travel Trailer

And of course you will need a sewer hose and all of the connections for one, a white water hose and a pressure regulator, a water filter is a good idea, leveling blocks to use under the wheels to level side to side when you park, some type of chocks for the wheels and a support to put under the tounge jack, adapters for the power cord to allow you to plug it into outlets that do not match your plug (30 to 50A, 30 to 20A) perhaps and extension cord to match the RV power cord. And you need a lantern of some kind for outdoors, a barbeque, a campground directory, a good road atlas for the tow vehicle and another for the trailer, a way to carry the bicycles, possibly fishing gear, bug repellant and spray, citronella candles, marshmello/weiner sticks, ................

Done right, this could be one of the experiences that you and the children will remember as a high point of their lives! I would suspect that you are taking 30 days leave along with your travel time? What a great way to go. And I hope that you will start now with the wife and children to plan where you wish to go and what to see. I am excited for all of you!


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What should I put in my Travel Trailer

Hello from North Carolina:
You are really going to like this mode of travel, especially with kids!!
My suggestions: for the first leg of your trip from Alaska to the lower 48, get a copy of the book "Mileposts". It will tell you everything to see and much more, by each mile, no matter which one of the highways you use until you get to the U.S. border. Since you are leaving from Anchorage,I would go thru Glenn Allen and take the Yellowhead/Cassier highway. It is the path least traveled and can be a challenge but the views and experience make it worth while.
Since you are military, you should also get a copy of
Military Living's "RV, Camping and Outdoor Recreation". There are many military campgrounds along the way and you can save a bunch of money compared to the non-military campgrounds. Plus you will be able to use the PX/BX, gas station, and commissary.
One other consideration - Tricare standard allows you to use military treatment facilities without restriction where Tricare Prime requires you to obtain advance permission for treatment, except for emergencies. Consider how to handle that.
One last thing - try to spend an extended week end (or more time) in your rig before you leave on this trip. It will be plenty big at first, but after a week you may find it gets a touch tight. Above all, enjoy.
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What should I put in my Travel Trailer

Sounds Like fun--If you are going to be "Dry" No hook-ups you might want to consider a little Generator---
Dont Bother bring fire wood down into Canida--- they wont let you in with it for some reason...
If you are going to bring bikes--Get a nice bike rack that attaches to a hitch (Yakama)-----the kind that hooks to the bumper is crap... We had a reciever hitch welded to the bumper (Angle Iron reenforced).
Also leave the TV at home...

Rigging your Rig is half the Fun!!!

Thanks for your service!

Joe Beck