Whats best in a class A

Been looking at different models, would like to get a diesel pusher as I have a couple of diesel trucks and really like the torque.. I was thinking about a 35-40ft slightly used ( 6months-2 years) that someone bought but doesn't have time to use..like my last 2 boats I sold. My question is what chassis is better and is Cummins diesel the way to go, I have heard good things about Newmar--Mountain Air --any others comparable ?? Will spend up to $125,000 or so..Would like one that is user friendly as I will change oil-fluids & basic maintenance myself. My son used to sell RV's and told me that there is no such thing as a good one as he saw first hand all of the problems with them, and resale was always a problem since he had to convince bank to give a loan on deal and trade in value was less than a lot of people owed. he recommended staying at a hotel when we travel, only problem is we have pets and I don't trust motels etc to clean sheets etc.. plus having to stop for bathroom use etc is a pain as we get older. Is any particular brand better on resale than others as if we decide that Rv's are not for us we might want to unload.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this..

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Whats best in a class A

trs900 ck into Tiffin. They have a pretty good reputation. Don't go into the rv expecting to save money. Your son is probably correct but, if it is something you and your family can enjoy go for it. Kind of like fishing. Recond how much a pound of fish that you caught out of a 10k+ boat with mega bucks of lures and reel, rods cost. There are a lot of good used units out there and that's the way to go (IMO) unless you just have to smell the new. Look at them all and get the floorplan that suits you. A lot like the ride of Monoco corp units. I like the Cummins :) and would prefer the side radiator over the rear but that would not be a deal breaker.
Whats best in a class A

You can go to Red Bay Alabama and tour the Tiffin Factory and see how they are made. It is interesting to see. If you buy a new one they will let you watch it being made.
Whats best in a class A

Thanks for the response, I am probably a little more cautious than most since my son worked in the business for 3 years. There were a few brands that did have a bad rep when he was in the business and I will stay away from them. I will check into a Tiffon..

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I too am in the market for a used diesel coach. It woluld be great to know the few brands your son has suggested staying away from.
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I just bought a 2000 Newmar Dutch Star and have been very pleased with it. From my research I decided that Cummins was definately the way to go and stay away from Freightleiner. There are several RV REVIEW sites around that you can review and find how people like the units that they have. As is true with my unit, there are no RV's that are trouble free. It is a good decision to buy used, an RV service tech told me that it usually takes about a year to work the bugs out of a new unit. If you buy used then perhaps someone else ahd done that for you. There are not guarantees here though, perhaps they just got tired of trying to get it fixed. Ask for the service records and try to talk with the primary service facility where the unit was serviced.
Good luck, I hope that you enjoy what you find.
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I'm partial to Allegro/Tiffin. I have worked on all kinds and they back theirs better than most. If you want to get a real good deal go to www.rvtrader.com and look at 2-3 year old rigs. The prices have been very good on those lately with the best prices being in the S.E. U.S. Other names to look at are Monaco and Foretravel but Foretravel may be too much money.
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:) My husband & I - baby boomers - purchased our first "new to us" rv in February of this year. After looking at perhaps 25-30 units, at dealers as well as individuals, we knew what we were looking for and could see the differences in the models. We bought a Fleetwood American Eagle and have not regretted it yet. It is a '93 but we have people tell us they thought it was a 2002 or so. They are impressed that it has retained its value as well as its great looks. It has real wood - not laminate. The quality is there and it shows by how it has held up. Allegro does have good service as we were told in Red Bay, but if you look at their quality of materials used inside their coaches - we did not think is was as of as high standards as American Eagle or Holiday Rambler. We also looked at a Dutch Star and it seemed to be well made also. It did not have a 300 hp Cummins - which we wanted - so we passed on that one. Because of our budget and well - we didn't even know if we would like a coach - we had to go used and older, but I love my "Eagle". Its super! We average about 11 mpg. We have two dogs also; so taking our "home" with us is working out great - no more worrying about if the motel will accept "all" of us. Make sure on the size of Cummins - you double check VIN #s to make sure it is what they tell you, i.e. 275, 300, 325, etc. Good Luck!