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I know this is going to be a really stupid mistake but i would like for others to learn if they dont already know. We have a 2003 Ford F250 and a 1995 Coachman 28' 5th wheel. Went on our first trip and backed in to the spot. I got out and set the boards up to level the trailer. Put the trailer up on the boards chocked the wheels with the Yellow ones you can buy at Walmart. Cranked up the camper off the hitch. Got out and pulled the release and the camper started to role back It droped about 2" on the bed of my truck and luckly it stoped on the tailgate not much damage done. Must because it is Ford Tough.... :cool: After my girlfriends heart got under control and i changed my underware I fixed the problem and went on. As we was camping i looked around and saw come of the campers have the wheel chockes that go between the two tires. I did some resource on the internet and most was running around 50 to 60 dollors apiece and most said you should get a pair. I found a set on Ebay that you get a pair for around 70.00. A lot i saw on the internet you had to use a wrench or untighten a bolt everytime. These you dont you set the the first time and thats it. You put them in place and lock down the leaver and you done. I feel so much better now with these. Chock & Lock Deluxe 2 pk. Made by Ultra Fab Products. I also want you to know i have nothing to do with this company I just want you all to see this product I think it is worth the money and safety.
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Jeff, I'm sure glad you didn't get a hand caught or something!

That's a lot of weight to be keeping in one place, and its a little deceptive in that your truck handles it so easily.

We get used to these RVs just rolling along behind or around us and it's easy to get complacent.


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I saw Tex shopping at the used word store. They had a buy 1, get 1 free sale.

Yes, when I had a trailer with 2 axels, I had 1 of the lever chocks for the side on blocks, and one of the expanding ones for between the wheels on the ground on the other side. The latter tightened/loosened with a wing nut. Both seemed to work very well, and total cost for both was about $50 (Camping World, about 5 years ago).

There is also a trough you attach to your hitch which catches the king pin if the trailer becomes unhitched. Might be a good investment.
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I have seen the ones with the wing nuts but these are so nice. The safety catch for the king pin I have seen and also looking into it. O ya Camping World loves me I cant seem to leave without sending to much money. LOLOLOLOLO
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Camping World is the campers Wal Mart. :laugh: Ever go to Wal Mart to pick up one thing :question: bet you come out with a basket full. The chock thing sounds good I'll look into it seems easy enough, set it befor you un hook and have fun
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Just do what my DH did, make your own set of chocks for under $5!

We had scrap 4X4's and then he bought the bolts. Very simple, fairly easy to use, and if you paint them black they blend in real well. (Of course ours need another coat of paint now, lol.)

If you have to buy your treated 4X4, it will cost apx. $6 bucks and the bolts and nuts $3. Jim only had to buy the bolts since he had the scrap posts already. The hardest part for him was getting the angle of the post right to rest on the tires.

Here's what they look like. Remember, they need another coat of paint. ;)

Here's a close-up view.



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Good idea. You could probably do that same thing but put a turnbuckle between the two blocks to tighten with no wrench, using that same idea of blocks.
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Actually I designed the Chocks like that on purpose, and I use a ratchet wrench to loosen the nuts, I did consider a turnbuckle, however I figured if I was not in the camper and someone decided they wanted to borrow my chocks when they left the camp ground, they would have to have a wrench to remove them and that would take them time which I figured it would not be worth there while to mess with. later Jim :clown: