Where&#039s Mike

Where&#039s Mike

[Dane] Hey Mike,
I have a &#039 76 Nomad 5th wheel. Where and how do you change the orifice to natural gas? It has the Coleman Model # 4232.Also,,when the furnace kicks on,the gas builds up before it ignites. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Where&#039s Mike

[keith] I don&#039t know where Mike is, but I will answer it for you. Do not use it the way it is. It can hurt the chamber if it builds up too much and then ignites. You may have to change the gas valve you and the pilot(if it is that kind of modle) as well as the orf. Make sure that the gas pressure is right also. Becarefull in doing this.
Where&#039s Mike

[Bruce Hoggatt] When you look through a bb and you see the same two or three know it alls that respond to every post like they are the only ones that can help you, it gets old real fast. Maybe guys like mike finally got a life.