Where are you?


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Sometime it is very helpful to know where you are! Well, I'm guessing that you know where you are, but when you post a question, those reading the question might not be able to guess where you are!

So, just to help everyone out when you're asking a question on the forum, please change a setting in your profile.

Click on "Settings" in the very top menu line on the right. It's a dark menu line on my screen.

In the menu panel on the left under "My Settings", select "Edit Profile".

Scroll down to the bottom of the page while looking in the middle section for "Additional Information" where you will find an item called "Location:".

Whatever you put in there will display on every one of your posts, so go ahead and give everyone some idea where you are. How about the name of your state? I can't see a security risk in adding the name of a nearby town to your location information.

Perhaps you'll even find out that your best online RV buddy lives just a "hunnert" miles down the road!