WHERE IS CLASS C Value guide located

HI am looking to check on prices of used Class C motorhomes..seems the nada guide does not have class C listings..only motorhomes which seem to cover CLass A..any info here would help or links..
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WHERE IS CLASS C Value guide located

Hi Bobbie, NADA does list class C's but they are under motorhomes you'll need to know the model name such as Tioga or Minne winne and then you'll find what your looking for. Good luck with the search. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
WHERE IS CLASS C Value guide located

Hi! Additional suggestion using NADA Guides; yes, go to Motorhomes, then you may have to play guessing game as to what they list yours under....sometimes I find the listing under the Model (Four Winds) and not manufacturer (as indicated)and try to know exactly which model within the "Name" (ie Four Winds, 5 Thousand, Model 28A)
Good luck! :)