Where to find RV specs 1995-2000?

Hi all. We live in the UK and plan to buy an RV in the next 12 months for travel around Europe. We have a reasonable choice of imported RV's here but our drivers License and width restrictions differ from those in the U.S. Who knows where I can find GVWR and widths for RV's manufactured between 1995 and 2000. Winnebago seems to be the only site where the Specs are available. Any info would be a great help.
Re: Where to find RV specs 1995-2000?

Contact Winnebago and ask them. Let them know the restrictions and ask which unit would meet your needs. They are usually pretty good about giving out info on their units. You may want to try on-line first because it would be cheaper than a phone call that could last half an hour to get to the right person.


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Re: Where to find RV specs 1995-2000?

There is no one site to find such information. About all that you can do is to contact the different manufacturers if the information is not on their web sites. Most manufacturers are into selling of new RVs and for that reason do little to post information on used ones. But the better ones will respond if you contact them.
RE: Where to find RV specs 1995-2000?

"Google" the model you are looking at.....
Many of these spec books have been scanned into the web and a good search engine is a wonderful thing