Where to get fueled up off road

The only concern that I've had about upgrading to a diesel RED or FRED, is WHERE to get diesel off the road.

I guess you fuel up where the big trucks do while on the interstates. (I once witnessed a new DP owner trying to figure out how those diesel pumps worked in 'pairs' one on each side! Somebody might could explain that.)

What about while driving around in the country? In the small towns?

My Class C 32' gassergets along fairly well with the little cars in most regular gas stations, but if I were to go up a notch to a DP, I can see where I'd have to change the way I plan fuel stops.

What's been ya'lls experiences with refueling out in the hinterlands?

C Nash

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Re: Where to get fueled up off road

The pumps in the truckers lanes work together. If you are only using one use the main pump. The secondary pump will only work if the main pump is on.
Re: Where to get fueled up off road

In today's America, I dont think that would be as big an issue as finding LP in the same area. Maybe it would be but I don't think so. I am in the trucking industry and drive a f-350 everyday around the south east(which is considerably different than the south west) and I have not ever heard of a problem locating diesel.


Re: Where to get fueled up off road

hey Tex ,, i myself don't travel that much ,, jsut a few months outta the year ,, but i have always been able to find diesel anywhere ,,,, And bty Dl was not there :laugh: :eek: