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Now, ya'll are jest loadin' me up, aintcha? (My daddy usta tell me when we were movin' things around, "Don't worry 'bout da mule, son; jes load da wagon!")

No, deniloo, we're leavin' jus after that day-o-labor holyday. Tanks for da tip, Troyster, I'm all fer home cookin'.

We are plannin' to stop jus on de other side of dose smokin' mountins in North Carolina. When I'm through there I'll be so smoothed out you cain't tell me difrent from a babe's bottom!
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Last year we went to Springfield Ill. to see the Lincoln Museum & library. It was very interesting, we spent 5 hrs there and it seemed only a short time. I worked the bldg trades all my life and I think the bldg is a beauty, I spent as much time looking at it as I did the displays. I don't recomend Mr Lincolns Campground. I think it was shabby, it appears that they are ready to be rid of it and are letting it run down. Near there is an Amish community (30 mi.) they have great food, DW & I went there for supper one nite.
On the way there we stopped at a campground in Mulberry Grove Ill. it is just off Rt. 70. Cannot remember the name but it is in the Good Sam book. It is a very nice place and we stopped in Mulbery Grove at the local Cafe for breakfast. It's a combination Gas station , store, & a Cafe. We had a good breakfast and pleasent conversation with the locals. Mostly farmers, good folks, my kind of people.
Let us know how the trip goes. Looks like we won't be going out again till it gets cool then it's off to Alabama for a week or so. Keep the shiny side up. Jerry

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We stayed in Lincoln's Campground last year and found it to be typical of mid-west campgrounds. Nothing fancy, in a poorer neighborhood, but it did have full hook-ups which alot of campgounds in the mid-west do not have. Didn't see too many better ones to choose from. :(
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Tanks' to all ya'll good pipple for all the selections fer our lil' dosey-do through the midnortheast.

We'll leave out Tuesday fer a 2 day run to Illinois, stay a week around there, and onward east!

P'haps ah'll send ya'll a pichur or 2!

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Have a great trip. Look forward to all the fun tales when you get back. :laugh: :) :cool:
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It has been a few days, but we've been traveling. I sure don't like parks that advertise free WIFI but don't do anything to make it work! I've heard that here before ...

We took two hard days driving here from Waxahatchie Texas. Boy did I get a surprise when we crossed the Red River on I-30 in Arkansas and didn't fall off the edge! There is something to the east of Texas!

I-30 is a pretty good road. Lots and lots of truck traffic, though. Had to be constantly on the watch for those jerks that that cross too quickly in front of us. We ran this highway on into Little Rock and switched to I-40. It was fine, too.

We ended up spending the night in Marion Arkansas at Americas Best RV Park. Don't trust your GPS location for this park; call for directions. It is off of I-55 going north. It is a nice park at the right price. No frills, but totally adequate and clean.

We're now staying in Shelbyville Illinois at a park. I'll see if I can get better WIFI and send a picture!

More later ...
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Hey Clod, I live in Celina Tn since Hurricane Katrina ran us out of Louisiana. Thats where Dale hollow lake is. The lake is about 61 miles long with severaal marinas that you can rent those party barges for about 175 a day. The area is teaming with little towns that have those little antique shops the ladies enjoy and by the same token they have the tractor musems also. Most of the food is good but is you end up in the Celina area drop us a line and we can get up somewhere. Our town has 1 flashing light and 8 stop signs. Most stores close on Wednesdays including the bank. Actually when they ask where you live don't give an address we just say on the rodge behind jacks store. Our preacher lives on the third boob in Pea Ridge.
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Thanks for the invite, Poppa! We're circlin' the wagon in Asheville, NC right now. Sooner or later we'll have to figure out a way to get back home, but I'm not in a hurry to do that right now. Might be we'll end up going back through Tennessee on the way back.

We had some real good tips here on this thread and visited some of them on our way here. Having a great time away from home!
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If you go to Monticello, Illinois be sure to visit the train museum that they have....fantastic.