Where's the air go?


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I need some advise from someone who can help me to get air in my front tires- I can't seem to take off the hubs(way too tight for me)- I bought some extenders for the valves because you can't get a standard air hose to the stem- but I couldn't get the extender to tighten and I let a lot of air out trying-Please someone help-this is driving me nuts!
Thanks- If you got an answer-please e-mail me tombass10@aol.com


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Re: Where's the air go?

Have you tried a truck air chuck? It is usually a solid tube, with a 2 way head on the front. One is straight ahead, which can be pushed on the valve even it if is behind the wheel (as in the case of an inner dual wheel), and a rear port which can be pulled back onto a valve pointing inwards, like the outer dual wheel. The standard car chuck should be avoided.

Extenders tend to be problematical. Each additional joint is another place for leaks to occur.