Which Chassis?


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I recently purchased a 1996 Newmar Dutch Star 32' Class A with a Ford 460ci, FI, OD powertrain. I have been working on some mechanical/maitinance issues and I am having difficulty finding parts.

Not sure whether I have a ford F-350 or an F53 chassis or something else. Tried to get belts for an f350 and they did not match up, had to match them up at Autozone. Had to fix a exhaust manifold leak and I think my smog pump is going out.

Can someone tell me what my chassis or specific powertrain is.

Thank you for any help, Kevin


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Re: Which Chassis?

The F-350 chassis is used for class Cs. Call Dutch Star and have them look up your VIN. They can send you specific build information.


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RE: Which Chassis?

Thank you for the response. I tried contacting Newmar by phone and e-mail with no luck.

I was hoping someone here could give me an idea of what kind of chassis/powertrain they used for this motorhome (what did other manufacturers use in 1996 with Ford powertrains) or where to look for the information (Other than Newmar). I will keep looking.

Thank You for looking, Kevin