Which kind of RV should I choose?


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I am new on that forum. We are planning to buy a 30 or 32 feet fifthwheel. We saw Montana and it looks good. We would like to know if you have comments on different producers of fifthwheels. Good quality and good long term value.

Is it true that if we take more that a 32 feets, we will have difficulty to go in National Parks. What is the best lenght that we should take. Is there other rules (height, etc...).

We are from Quebec, Canada (by the way, sorry for my poor english) and we would like to be able to go everywhere with our fifthwheel.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Which kind of RV should I choose?

Hi Sunrise, there are no hard and fast rules not allowing RV's in excess of 32 feet in length in the NP's but most camp grounds were laid out long before the larger rv's became popular so the limit is due site size. With a 30 foot you should be able to go anywhere, keep in mind that most 5th wheelers are about 2 feet longer then their desgnation (our 28.5 Hitchhiker II is actually 30 foot long). The Montana is a fine unit, you may also want to look at Golden Falcons / Titanuim, Nuwa Hitchhikers, Forrest Rivers Cardinal, Newmar's, just to mention a few.
Welcome to the forum and your doing just fine with your english! :) :bleh:


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Which kind of RV should I choose?

We have a 33 Cardinal. However, it is really 35 on the outside. We find that it is tight in the National and State Parks because they were built long ago when 23 feet was big. We do get into these parks, but it takes some manuevering.
As far as a tow vehicle, you will be happier with the F-350. I agree with the other post. Diesel is popular with heavy towing, but I pull with a V-10 and 3.73 rear end. I have had no trouble going where I want to and my mileage is probably about 3-4 mpg worse than my diesel friends. Of course my oil change is only $18.
Forest River, Keystone, NuWa, Jayco, Newmar and Carriage all have good quality trailers. Good Luck and enjoy the rv.