Which one to buy ????????

Ok, my wife and I have looked and looked.
We are going to buy a Class C 31 footer. We have perty much
decide on one of the following. Does anyone have a reason why we
should pick one over the over?

Fleetwood Jamboree GT...(my favorite)
Winnebago Minnie Winnie...(her favorite)
Coachmen Leprechaun
Which one to buy ????????

I'm assuming they're all on an F450 chassis, so no decision to make there. If I were to choose based on mfgr reputation alone, I would take the Winnie over the FW (I own a FW Class A). Not sure about Coachmen, although I've looked at their FWs and Class As, and the in-laws have a new Class A that I'm sure they'll want me to look at this WE.

I recommend you get additional responses by posting at the other RV Class C-specific forums to get a wider range of information. Just remember one thing: all that glitters is not gold. Don't be taken in by something flashy that will soon tarnish.

Gary B

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Which one to buy ????????

Hi Tommy0704, my chioce would be the Lazy Daxe then the FW Jamboree, we had a Coachmen 5th wheel years ago it was a good jig stood up well but the furniture was not the best, by far the best 5th wheel or motorhome we ever owned were Fleetwood products, we went from the Coachmen to a FW Terry 5th wheel it was excellent we had not a single problem with it, we sold it to try a motorhome and we bought a Holiday Rambler it was the worst rv we ever owned we both hated it, sold it and bought a 1994 FW Bounder 34J we really like the Bounder it was great we never had a single problem with it, the fit and finish was as good or better than the Holiday Rambler. We sold that to go back to a 5th wheel and we bought a Hitchhiker II it was a well built rig we liked our Terry much better, so we sold the Hichhiker this spring and are looking at Class C's and the Fleetwood Tiogas & Jamborees are at the top of our list, just last week we drove 70 miles to look at a Minne Winne and boy were we disapointed, it looked nice in the pics but up close we were very dissapointted, we have taken them off or list permanetly. I would really like to have a Lazy Daze but there just aren't any out here in the upper midwest. Good luck with the search. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
PS Jayco makes very good units also, their quality is very very good.
Which one to buy ????????

I would stay clear of fleetwood. I have had numerous problems with them and they are not a good company to deal with. Coachman is not of the best quality. I personally like minnie winnie jayco and dutchman.
Which one to buy ????????

I agree with C'Mommy and would stay clear of any Fleetwood product. They have a rep for shoddy products and failure to honor warranties. They were also convicted of reselling motor homes as new that they had to take back under various lemon laws. Stick with Winnebago. They have a quality product and back the warranty to the hilt. :cool:
Which one to buy ????????


Hope im not to late here. I would stay clear of any class over 26ft they are simply to over weighted for any chassis. If your wanting a 31ft get yourself into an A class. You can purchase more A class for the same money than any C your currently looking at.
Which one to buy ????????

Just food for thought. While I have never owned a Motorhome,(just TT's) I have towed thousands of them over the years. The problem is where can I take these folks to get them back on the road? There are only a couple places in the area I live in that will even attempt to work on a Class C. If it's on the weekend I had to leave them camping in the driveway waiting for them to open on Monday morning. Class A's are a more expensive tow, but at least with a full size deisel pusher there are far more options when it comes to repair. Most major Truck-Centers can & will work on them, and because of the nature of the Trucking industry working around the clock 24hrs a day, so do many of these service centers. Just a little something to think about when making your Class C or Class A decision. Good Luck to you! :)