Which one to buy


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My family of 4 (H,W, 9 year old and 6 year old) are looking to buy a camper. We have narrowed down to Jayfeather 26L and Jayflight 27 BH. The main difference is the Jayfeather has an 18" slideout and a queen tent on one end (4 bunks on other end), whereas the 27BH has no slideout but has the queen bed fully enclosed and two bunks on other end, so we would not have to worry about the tent. We can't decide which is more useful/important, the extra room the slideout provides or the fully enclosed bed that elimiates having to put out the tent, particularly in areas we are not familiar with. Any thoughts?
RE: Which one to buy

If it were up to me, I would buy the 27BH. I love the layout, personal space(husband/wife) plus the place for the kids(bunks). If I remember, the sink for the bathroom is outside of the shower area, also a plus. You can brush your teeth without invading your others space. Good luck and have fun