Which size Sprinter for parking?


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Greetings to all, this is my first post at this forum. I really have enjoyed the reading and information on all the boards.
I am considering purchasing a Class B van(probably a Sprinter). My main concern is which size: the 18.5ft or the 21.5ft. I guess the main issue is parking the 21.5 footer in a busy parking lot(restaurants, stores, etc.). I know the 18.5ft isn't as much of an issue because there are a few other vehicles: pick-up trucks, vans, and suv's that size that I see often in busy parking lots.

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Re: Which size Sprinter for parking?

well, if parking is your primary interest, why not get a little Honda car? :)

Seriously, go to the dealer and test drive each. Make sure your test drive includes a representative parking lot. Even if the longer one is harder to park, I'd consider it. Even if you spend an extra 5 minutes parking, better that than a whole night or weekend of not enough room inside, right?


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Re: Which size Sprinter for parking?

Just get used to not parking 'up front' and you won't have any trouble! I always take up 4 or more spaces depending if I park with or across the spaces. I'm not going to get myself blocked in.