Which tow bar to buy

We are currently switching from a dolly to 4 wheels down simply because the dolly is a great deal of trouble to load, strap and then store when we arrive at the destination. (Yep I know the 'slide it under the MH' routine)
I figure the weight savings in the tow and the ease of hook-up is worth the extra $ for the change. Toad is already equipped with base plates, so adapting whatever tow bar you guys tell me to buy will not be a problem. (Machinist son-in-law who loves to tinker and build things)
We sorta like the idea of an RV mount to keep the weight off the front end of the toad and, God forbid, damage to the bar if there is a bang up. We like the looks of the Blue Ox 'Aladin' or 'Aventa' but really from just an esthetic point. So... Give me some ideas and input please.
Bill in Georgia
Which tow bar to buy


Only experience I have is with a Demco Excalibar that I purchased used from the hitchtrader website. It's a receiver mount, which I like and recommend, and works very well. Only negative is that it's very heavy. There are newer types out there that are aluminum and have up to 5k ratings that I would consider if I were to purchase one today. I previously had a dolly and you are making the right move. Good luck.

Phil, Joyce, and Charlie the Sheltie Eog; '96 Bounder 36S towing an '89 Honda Accord
Which tow bar to buy

We have the Blue Ox Alladin. It is a great bar. We have used it on our saturn, and now are jeep. Lite, and hooks up fast. No problems in 6 years :approve:
Which tow bar to buy

I have been full timing for 4 years with a Roadmaster tow bar. The mfg repecalaced it twice due to faulty construction. I lost a tow car because a base plate which was bolted to the frame, broke along the bolt line. Dealing with Roadmaster was a nightmare and took 6 mos before they admitted the plate was defective. Then they only settled for 40 cents on the dollar for the damages not covered by insurance. Incidentally my insurance went up because of this break. Camping World, who installed all tow components, was of no help in spite of their "unconditional guarantee".
Stay well clear of Roadmaster if you want trouble free towing.
Which tow bar to buy

I have about 1000 miles on my Blue Ox, and have been very happy with it. Lightweight and easy to connect to my Jeep Liberty. Stows up against the RV when not in use, too.