Who Builds this RV?


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We attended an RV Show in Charlotte NC last Feb and found an 5th wheel that we really liked, brought the Brocure home and the Dealer but have since misplaced the information. Can anyone tell us who build an 5th wheel that has these rather unique features.
1. A vinyl pull down (venitian Blind style) rockshield at the front
2. Pull out drawer on the rear for the spare tire
3. Entertainment center with TV that pulls out and swivels
4. a number of small doors (about 18" x 8") on the rounded bottom that provide extra storage for small items.
5. An optional kitchen Island

We have been looking for the dealer and a model that fits this description for the last three months with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
Who Builds this RV?

Hello! :) You might want to try the Fleetwood or Holiday Rambler Websites, or better yet, go to the RV-links and click on Manufacturers. If you saw it, then it should be on someones site. Sorry, that is the best I can do for you. I'm not into 5th-wheels.
Who Builds this RV?

I thought that this forum was for anyone to respond to. I guess that no one knows about the unit that I am looking for.

If you don't know the answer, you should not feel obligated to provide useless information. Thanks anyway!
Who Builds this RV?

I didn't provide "useless" information. I told you of several websites that you could look at, where you FW might be. If its not there, SORRY!!!!! If you don't like the help that i offer, then, don't take it.
Who Builds this RV?

tlary, first you jump down everyones throat because no one knows the answer to the question, then you jump down the throat of the one person who tried to help. Relax a little and give it some time, in the mean time do a search yourself to see what you can find.

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Who Builds this RV?

tlary - Teton Homes has 2 models that have optional kitchen islands, the Royal and the Experience. Try their web site: www.tetonhomes.com - I'm not sure if that is what you are looking for.
Have a good one,
Cindy Spencer
Who Builds this RV?

Thanks to those who offered help. I have located the unit in question (a Mountain Aire), but after looking at it again, this time much closer, have decided instead to purchase a King of the Road Crown Marquis.
John, I did not mean to offend you but you should realize that If I had gotten this far that I would have conduction numerous searches without success. I appologise for my indiscression.