Why so cheap!

Looking at a 1998 Southwind Storm 34.5' on the Chevy 454, one slide, dual ducted air and w/12,000 miles. We have a price of $32,300. We have been looking around and all the prices seem to be about the same or just reduced form $40,000. This seem to be the trend acrossthe country. Any thoughts on the reliability of this coach or why they are so cheap. Where can I find info on this unit and its specs.


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Why so cheap!

The Storm is the lowest level of the Southwind line and that sounds about right for one that is 8 years old. It probably sold new for around $50 to $55K and most likely had an MSRP of about $65K.
Why so cheap!

Thanks Kirk!

Can you explain the Southwind Fleetwood connection? I know that they are a sub, but if I go to the Fleetwood page the southwind and the storm are two different models. Was there a change?
Why so cheap!

Fleetwood is weird. The Storm first came out as a cheaper model motorhome. It didn't come in the same lengths as the Southwind or Pace Arrow. Then they changed and came out with the Southwind Storm as a shorter version of the Southwind. Then they decided to make the Storm bigger. Who knows what they are doing this year. I sometimes wonder if they even know. I no longer work for a Fleetwood dealer and I don't have time to keep up with all there changes now.