Wildwood &#039 97 Model

[Hobbie] Does anyone have any information on Wildwood campers (i.e., good bad, middle-of-the-road, etc.) ? We are considering purchasing our first 26 foot Wildwood camper, 1997 model.
Wildwood &#039 97 Model

[D. Berner] We have a 1999 Wildwood 31BH TT. We haven&#039t made any long trips - mostly long weekends and 2 trips to the coast (600 miles round trip) but I lived in it for 2 months while on a temporary job assignment in Oklahoma. We really love it, and it was definitely the most trailer for the money when we bought it in 1999. We shopped many dealers and 2 RV shows before we decided. We have had no major problems with it - just minor stuff that the dealer took care of cheerfully under warranty. Our tow vehicle is a Ford F250 with 5.4 engine. We have load levelers and a sway bar. My husband does all the driving - it is way too long for me to feel comfortable driving. We are thinking of trading for a shorter trailer with a slide. But we would not hesitate to buy another Wildwood or any other Forest River product. Forest River has a website w.forestriverinc.com.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Diane Berner
email address dberner@viafamily.com