Will these tow a travel trailer?

Hey there!!! We are ready to move up from our tent to a travel trailer.....how can we figure out what we can tow? We have looked at some Jayco Lites and the Terry by Fleetwood.

We have a Ford F150 with a V8 Engine and a Chrysler Town and Country minivan...... Could I tow the Fleetwood with either of these?

Thank so much!!

Will these tow a travel trailer?

Welcome to the site Becky.

I cannot positively answer that for ya, somebody else will have to. Might help those replying to know which size V-8 (302 or 351) is in the truck, also maybe if possible the weight of the Fleetwood. More info you can provide about it, the more reliable the answer will be.

Will these tow a travel trailer?

You will need to know the size V8 you have. The Ford has the 4.6 and the 5.4 Also the Tow capacity is changed by the differntial ratio. But the tow capacity is ususally large enough for most. I have an 05 F-150 with the 5.4 and can pull over 9800lbs easly. My 27' trailer is only 5100 GVW so check the GVW of the trailers and you can call trailer sales to ask them what your truck will tow.
Will these tow a travel trailer?

Your Ford and Chrysler dealers should be able to get you the tow ratings for your vehicles as these will vary with the optional equipment each one has. The closer you get to the limit, the less comfortably the vehicle will tow the load. I once pushed the limit on a tow vehicle and was fine for short trips and on regular roads, but the turnpike got to be a white-knuckle drive. Never had any problems, just not enjoying the trip.
Will these tow a travel trailer?

Even though I have seen a lot of it, I would be very reluctant to tow anything with a whole lot of tongue weight with a front wheel drive vehicle like the Chrysler. Both your drive wheels and your steering wheels are up front. You would be taking weight off of them and giving up a lot of control. This is particularly true if the road is at all wet or slippery or very rough, or you have a heavy load in the minivan. If you have any loss of control at all, you can sometimes accelerate out of it with a rear wheel drive vehicle. That is virtually impossible with a front wheel drive vehicle like the Chrysler. The F150 on the other hand would probably be a great tow vehicle for the trailers as long as you stay within the weight ratings and everything is in good shape. Don't forget the stuff that you will load into the trailer or the tow vehicle when figuring weights.