window blind for door

We have a clear window in our door. Wich we like, but would like to add a blind for night time. As you all know the space is limited between the screen door and the door to about 3/4".
We have day/night shades through out the unit and would like to match if possible.
Has anyone else run into this, and found a product to fit.

Gary B

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window blind for door

Hi rpalmer, when we had the MH it had a shade that pulled down on the inside of the screen, I also installed some window film on it to darken it some as ours was clear also, our present 5er has the frosted glass and I kind of miss the clear, but not enough to go thur the work of changing it. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh:
window blind for door

Our window is already tinted, In the day time you can't see in, but at night you can. So yesterday I installed a pull down blind. Now to make a shelf to hid it.